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The Legends of King Arthur

This piece explores those values most important to the Arthurian legend. As they people this Medieval world of magic, the audience learns that might is not right; that being kind is the better way to be; and that all people (even Kings) are created equal.

From the moment the audience arrives, they become lords and ladies at a festival in honor of King Arthur and Queen Guenevere. Merlin performs his own very special brand of magic and an afternoon of revelry begins! Inspired by Merlin's magic, Arthur decides to retell the stories of his past adventures - stories that are represented by the symbols on the brightly colored banners that encircle the audience.

The first legend, a story of Arthur's experience as a falcon, is told in co-operative improvisation by the cast and several audience members. Then it is Merlin's turn to tell a story. He reminds Arthur of the first time they met - when Arthur the King was just a blubbering boy! Arthur remembers how he discovered the joy of being a hero who helps people, not just a "village pillager." Members of the audience play knights and villagers, helping to retell the tale. Next, Queen Guenevere tells the story of how she and Arthur met and worked together to "capture" the not-so-ferocious dragon Max. Once again, the audience gets into the act playing a very important role: Max's dragon tail! The last legend relates the story of that best know symbol of King Arthur of Camelot: The Round Table. Together we discover how a table with neither a head nor a foot reinforced the important idea of equality.

As an activity before or after the show, students are given a sheet of paper with the outline of a coat of arms and encouraged to think of symbols for the things/people most important in their lives. Drawing these symbols in each of the crest's four spaces will create their own coat of arms. Lines below the drawing are left for students to describe the images in words.

"Wizards, dragons and noble knights come to life in The Legends of King Arthur. Audience participation in this show is of paramount importance. We were delighted as Arthur won the heart of Guenevere; and, of course, we all became honorary knights of the round table after having created our own coat of arms. The cast of three…is a delight."
Ruth Maier
American Eagle

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